Great story. “Movie Material, an incredible fast moving, diverse adventure. I was constantly reminding myself that this is a real person in real life. An inspiration!”

Michael Dean                                                                                                    

General President: WA Police Union of Workers (1996-2009)                           

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“An amazing man!” He was present at the landing at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 and had several of his good mates killed near him in the first few days. My brother is a

police officer in Geraldton.



Ian Gill

Author and Historian                                  

“I finally managed to get into the William Harvey story you sent me - an incredible tale to say the least. Most interesting and well done to you for your serious research on a real WA character.”



“It was an excellent read on the plane. He is typical of an ordinary man in extraordinary situations. We can only hope if we faced the same challenges we would conduct ourselves just as well. A life well lived!!!”


Mike Bell

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Our humble thanks go to all of the people and their teams for helping us. Without you this would not happen.

Our sincere regards to you all.

Laurie & Lorraine


You tell a good story, mate! I can imagine you’d be a hit around a campfire in that bush you describe so well.

William’s story as an Aussie caught up in historical events is important. It is our hedge for truth against mythology. So please bother as many people as necessary to get the story recorded at least!!!

You’ve done a great job. It proves to be a most useful addition to the canon of Gallipoli and WW1 works. I am putting it in our collection of Gallipoli and WW1 material at Macquarie University.”

Best wishes

Harvey Broadbent

Harvey Broadbent is senior Research Fellow in the Dept. of Modern History at Macquarie University and Director of Gallipoli Centenary Turkish Archives Research Project. He is also the author of two books on Gallipoli and Producer of several radio and television documentaries on Gallipoli and Australian historical themes for the ABC.

Canon: “List of sacred books etc. Accepted as genuine” - The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

William was a great forgotten hero in our history and made a name for himself at Manjimup during a ten-year stint as the local constable and is still a legend in the district.

In the early 1930’s pressure was applied to make him run for Parliament but he graciously declined. Your work is looking very impressive Laurie, so I say a sincere well done.

Peter Conole

Western Australian Police Service Historian and Author


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Captain Wayne Gardiner                                                                             

Curator: Army Museum Fremantle