Dedicated to the many who have gone before us?

“There are men, not, unfortunately, met in large numbers, but appreciated all the more because they are few, who may, perhaps, best be described as social bulwarks - the retaining walls of society.  ...  because they have qualities which command universal homage both good and bad; because they are upright and just, high-minded and generous, kindly and courteous, truthful and scrupulous, self contained and respecting: because they set a good example and their presence has a restraining and elevating influence; in short in the truest and best sense of the word, they are gentlemen. Such a man was the Late Policeman, whose loss as a private citizen and a public official Western Australia has so suddenly been called upon to morn...

The death of this upright and efficient public officer, is an event deeply to be deplored...

He passes away regretted by Government, to which he gave trusty support and faithful service, by the community whose interests and welfare he earnestly sought to promote, and by private friends to whom he was endeared by the sterling qualities of his heart and by the honest loyalty of his nature. In these days of timeserving, of chicanery, of insincerity, of pushing selfness, it is rarely that such an epitaph can with absolute truthfulness be written as might be engraved on the tombstone of the late policeman.”

Veterans would speak of Bill as the finest signal man in the AIF, their glowing respect for him has become obvious!

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Perhaps the following quote may say it all!

Lest We Forget